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Monitoring and forecasting of the personnel needs of the Lipetsk region


Alcohol and the human nervous system

Chronic alcoholism is a serious medical, social and economic problem.Factors contributing to the development of alcoholism are genetic predisposition, social conditions and environment contribute to a lesser extent. The nervous system can suffer not only in people who are alcoholics. It all depends on the doses of alcohol, concomitant health problems and individual characteristics of metabolism. Sometimes 1-2 bottles of beer several times a week are enough for the development of the disease. Let's think about our youth! Let's consider the most common and, unfortunately, easily recognizable lesions of the nervous system in alcoholism. Alcoholic encephalopathy is a disease in which brain cells are destroyed under the influence of alcohol, brain matter is replaced by liquid. First of all, alcoholic degeneration of the cerebellum appears, and then the large hemispheres suffer. With alcoholic encephalopathy, coordination and balance are disturbed in a person, hands tremble, the circle of interests narrows, then appetite decreases, especially for protein foods, later aggressiveness prevails, mood swings, fear and anxiety appear. Patients do not sleep either day or night. There are cramps in the limbs, trembling throughout the body. Often, especially at night, there are attacks of chills and sweating, palpitations, discomfort in the heart area. The development of alcoholic encephalopathy is preceded by long-term (from 6-7 to 20 years or more) daily drunkenness, but in women this disease develops earlier. Often such patients abuse various kinds of alcoholic surrogates. Often acute forms of alcoholic encephalopathy develop in the spring, when hypovitaminosis is noted, and even during a binge, such people are disgusted with food. This is accompanied by heartburn, abdominal pain.

Geriatrician's Advice: how to protect the elderly from coronavirus infection.

The situation with coronavirus in the Lipetsk region continues to be tense. Both adults and children are sick, but there are still many pensioners among the patients who ended up in hospital beds. How vulnerable are older people? How to protect your grandparents? Advice of the chief freelance geriatrician of the regional health department.

Walking is like physical activity. Health benefits.

To date, walking is the most affordable means of recovery and weight loss. With regular walking exercises, the cardiovascular system improves - the heart rate increases, blood pressure normalizes and the heart trains. According to research, daily walks of 30 minutes can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%, and if you accelerate the pace in the process, the risk will be 40% lower. Vascular strengthening also occurs – the more often you walk, the lower the risk of osteochondrosis and other diseases associated with vascular damage.

Ambulance stations can hire students and graduates of medical schools

Since August 22, students and graduates of medical schools can work in ambulance crews. The Government has established in which cases they can be allowed to work. The special procedure is valid until the end of 2023. Paramedics can be students who have completed the 4th course in medicine, pediatrics or dentistry, and graduates in these specialties or nursing.

Flu vaccination for the elderly

Old age is a time when immunity gradually weakens, chronic diseases and metabolic disorders are acquired, which makes patients more vulnerable to various infections. This is especially true in relation to severe complications after the flu, which can lead to hospitalization, and in some cases to death. Many elderly people believe that the flu is not dangerous for them due to the fact that they rarely leave the house, rarely visit crowded places. But you can get infected even in the nearest store, during visits of children or grandchildren, as well as in a polyclinic

How to lose weight with the help of sports walking

According to statistics, every ninth person in the world suffers from some form of obesity. It's not easy to lure overweight people to the gym, because not everyone is ready to follow a healthy lifestyle and attend exhausting strength fitness workouts. Is there an easy and affordable way to lose weight? The doctors ' advice reads: sports walking is suitable for absolutely all people. The initial physical form and state of health do not matter if you are engaged in an amateur type of sports walking. It is not worth looking back at professional athletes, because they set completely different goals for themselves and move towards them with the help of high physical activity.



Patient safety is a fundamental principle of medical care.

Every kind, shape and conditions of medical care are accompanied by certain risks for patients.


The conference "Tuberculosis – no!" dedicated to the World Tuberculosis Day was held in the Lipetsk region

In the Lipetsk region, the Lipetsk Regional Tuberculosis Sanatorium "Lesnaya Skazka" (OKU LOPS "Lesnaya Skazka") hosted a conference "Tuberculosis – no!" dedicated to the World Tuberculosis Day.


The implementation of the Zemsky Doctor program continues in the Lipetsk region

One of the priority tasks of Lipetsk healthcare today is to increase the personnel potential of regional healthcare, which is being successfully solved within the framework of achieving the targets set by the federal project "Modernization of primary healthcare" and the national project "Healthcare". More than 80 doctors have moved to rural settlements and small towns of the Lipetsk region thanks to the Zemsky Doctor program implemented in the region over the past three years.


The action "Healthy longevity" united the residents of the village of Volovo

On April 19, 2022, a preventive action "Healthy longevity" took place in the polyclinic of the GUZ "Volovskaya District Hospital".

The main freelance specialists of the regional health department from the leading medical institutions of the region: the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital, the Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center, the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Center conducted an in-depth examination of more than 100 patients with chronic diseases who are already registered at the dispensary.





Campaign "Young Donors"

The Lipetsk Regional Blood Transfusion Station (LOSPK) hosted the Young Donors campaign, in which students of the Lipetsk City Polytechnic University (LSTU) took part.


Lectures on HIV prevention were held in the Lipetsk region

Specialists of the Lipetsk Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases" conduct monthly classes with particularly vulnerable groups of the population in relation to HIV infection (according to the state strategy for combating the spread of HIV infection in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030).


An open lecture "Cancer is afraid of the brave" was held in Lipetsk

On February 4, 2022, on World Cancer Day, LRO VOD "Medical Volunteers", GUZ "Lipetsk Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases" together with GUZ "Lipetsk Regional Oncological Dispensary" organized and held an open lecture "Cancer is afraid of the brave" in an online format for medical volunteers studying at colleges of the Lipetsk region.


Vaccination of teenagers has started in the Lipetsk region

The region received the first batch of the drug "Sputnik-M". 720 sets were distributed to children's polyclinics in Lipetsk, Yelets and a number of districts of the region. In total, about five thousand doses are expected.


Indications for computed tomography with COVID-19

During the pandemic caused by a new coronavirus infection, there is some excitement around computed tomography. Patients with signs of acute respiratory viral infections require doctors to immediately perform a CT scan and, if they are refused, then they sign up for a paid tomography.

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