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The Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center combines the outpatient and inpatient medical care system into a single functional system: a family health and reproductive health center, including a genetic consultation with a prenatal diagnostic laboratory (examination for fetal malformations), inpatient units of the maternity hospital (pathology department) pregnancy; maternity ward; department for newborns and the postpartum department of joint stay of mother and child), department of Tologoi newborn and premature babies, support structures laboratory diagnostic profile.

The building of the building was built according to a modern design and is equipped with all the necessary high-tech medical equipment for nursing even extremely heavy children:

  • incubators for newborns;
  • mechanical ventilation apparatus for babies and women in labor;
  • x-ray and ultrasound devices;
  • fetal monitors, biochemical analyzers;
  • the only intensive phototherapy chamber in the Chernozem region (as one of the very effective methods for reducing bilirubin toxicity) for the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia (neonatal jaundice);
  • the apparatus of total hypothermia for newborns, which allows under the conditions of controlled cooling of the newborn to reduce the number of such formidable complications for the newborn as cerebral hemorrhage and its damage during hypoxia.

The work of the center is provided by highly qualified specialists having the highest and first qualification category. Obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists, anesthetists-resuscitators adults and children, transfusiology, general practitioners, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, urologists, and ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics conduct consultative admission and observation of patients in a hospital.

In GUZ "LOPTS" there are 8 comfortable individual maternity rooms. Each room has: a transforming bed for deliveries, a fetal monitor for monitoring the condition of the fetus during childbirth, a monitor for monitoring the vital parameters of a woman, an infusion pump for dosed drug administration, anesthesia and breathing equipment, an open resuscitation system for a newborn and other equipment to make childbirth safe for mother and baby.

All the work of GUZ “LOPTS” is subordinated to the basic principle of “healthy mother - healthy child”. The basis of successful childbirth is the observance of an individual approach to each woman in labor, careful and gentle management of labor. Each birth takes place under the strict guidance of the staff and cardiac monitoring of the condition of the child. All women receive not only professional medical care, but also maximum comfort and support during the birth of the baby. Highly qualified doctors and midwives work at the LOPC GUZ, who will tell the woman about the correct behavior in childbirth in order to facilitate this process and which procedures will be performed if necessary. Partnership in the presence of a husband and free behavior in childbirth are welcome. According to the indications and taking into account the wishes of the patient, different types of anesthesia are carried out: intravenous, epidural anesthesia. Modern perinatal technologies approved by WHO UNICEF have been introduced in the LOPC GUZ: placing a newborn in the breast immediately after birth and putting it on the stomach, natural breastfeeding. During the first two hours, the mother is in boxing with the baby, after which they are transferred to the postpartum wards.

In the offices there are only 2 and single rooms. All wards of the department are comfortable, joint stay of mother and newborn "Mother and Child" (round-the-clock joint stay). The chambers are equipped with sanitary rooms with toilet and shower. The temperature in the ward is maintained in certain parameters and corresponds to a comfortable stay for the newborn.

Actively advocated and supported by "free" breastfeeding (feeding the baby "on demand"). Qualified nursing staff of the postpartum department conducts training for young mothers in the skills of caring for newborns, breast pumping techniques, and hygiene rules. In the case of complicated delivery or surgery for caesarean section, it is possible to stay separately with the baby for the required number of days. Before delivery, all puerperas are undergoing ultrasound examination and monitoring of laboratory parameters. Widely practiced early discharge home - on the 4th day after the physiological birth and 5th day after the operative birth.

State healthcare Institution
"Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center"
398055, Lipetsk, Moskovskaya str., possession 6g (84742) 31-45-96; Факс: 31-45-96

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