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Hello. How many people do you have in the wards in the postpartum department ?

Dear Alyona! The wards of the postpartum department of the GUZ "LOPTS" are designed for the stay of one to four maternity hospitals with children.

Good afternoon. Tell me, do I need to come to your maternity hospital as planned for 39-40 weeks in advance?

Dear Evgenia! It is very difficult to answer your question without knowing the whole situation. In risk factors, the peculiarities of the course of your pregnancy, anamnesis - your doctor of the antenatal clinic is well versed. So he should ask this question.

Good afternoon. I will have a scheduled CS. The router prescribes hospitalization at 38 weeks. Do I need to come to the reception at 36-37 weeks to clarify the specific date of hospitalization? Is the PKS done on the day of the appointed date or the next day?

Dear Svetlana! In fact, it is the job of a women's consultation to coordinate a specific date of hospitalization in an obstetric hospital with a planned cesarean section, so you should contact your doctor. If for some reason it is impossible to do this, then you can contact the reception department of the State Medical Institution "LOPTS" yourself (on weekdays from 08.00 to 15.00) - you will be assigned a date. A planned caesarean section is performed on the day of hospitalization.

Can you tell me, please, the list of products that you can take with you?

List of products allowed for pregnant and maternity women:

1. Dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese) without flavorings and additives, in the original packaging with the specified sales period (up to 1 liter)
2. Boiled meat (1 serving)
3. Boiled fish (1 serving)
4. Meat broth (up to 0.5 liters)
5. Green apples
6. Green apple juice (up to 1 liter)
7. Walnuts
8. Cookies
And, if for childbirth or caesarean section - a bottle of water without gas about 1-1.5 liters.

Good evening!Please tell me, a large fetus of 37 weeks(3700)pelvic (gluteal) presentation is an indication for a planned COP?If there is a planned COP, when can I come to discuss the date of the COP?

Dear Anastasia!
A fetus with an estimated weight of more than 3,600 with pelvic presentation is an indication for cesarean section. You can drive up to "discuss" on any weekday from 8:00 to 15:30 at the reception department of GUZ "LOPTS".

Hello, tell me the number who photographs the discharge from the hospital?

Dear Svetlana! Anastasia's photographer's phone number: +7 (920) 244-01-65. You can also call the help desk of GUZ "LOPTS": +7 (4742) 30-70-44

Hello, in the list in the maternity hospital, there is no list of things for the child, do I need to take something other than diapers, and is there hot water for tea, a cooler?or a thermos, thanks in advance,

Dear Nail! 1. There is no need to take anything with you for the child to the hospital. Including diapers. We have everything you need, in sufficient quantity. But if, for example, you think that instead of our sterile diapers you need to use disposable diapers, hats, socks, mittens - you can take it with you (only it should all be clean and of appropriate quality). 2. There are electric kettles in paid wards. For the rest of the patients - a cooler in the lobby of the department.

Tell me when giving birth before the due date, should the child's age be counted from the birthday or should the term be taken away before the PDR?

Dear Ulyana!
If we understood your question correctly... The age of the child is of course considered from the day of birth. If the birth is on January 1, then the age of 1 month is reached on February 1, regardless of the gestation period at the time of the beginning of labor. There is also the concept of "gestational age". That is, if the child was born on January 01 at a gestation period of, for example, 34 weeks, then on February 01 the gestational age will be 38 weeks. But only specialists operate with these concepts.

Tell me, I gave birth to you a month ago (by myself). During childbirth, it was torn, sewn up. Are the seams self-absorbable or do they need to be removed? I feel the threads when I wash. And what are suture threads made of?

Dear Ulyana!
Such seams are made with self-absorbing threads. But different threads have different resorption periods. Some have 1-3 weeks, and some have up to 90 days. In any case, this is normal. What threads are made of, if you are interested, read on the Internet. Different materials.

Hello! Tell me, when paying for a single room, is visiting relatives expected in these circumstances? And is there a kettle in the paid ward? How long does it take to pay?

Dear Karina! 1. We let relatives even into paid wards only to a limited extent: in the presence of vaccination against Covid or a fresh PCR test, without catarrhal phenomena, for 0.5 hours a day, from 16:30 to 18:30. 2. There is an electric kettle. 3. You can conclude a contract for the provision of paid services at any time of pregnancy. Keep in mind that the accounting department works only on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00.

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