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Hello. I would like to express my great gratitude from my husband and me to the team that helped give birth on 18.09.22, to the obstetrician Oksana Obraztsova and especially to the obstetrician Tatiana (I didn't remember my full name). We had partner births, but they were nearby, prompted in everything, Tatiana supported and praised. Many thanks to her and the whole shift for her son. We have only positive emotions and a pleasant impression.

Dear Evgenia! The administration of GUZ "LOPTS" thanks you for the high appreciation of our work. Gratitude will definitely be brought to the medical staff. And come to us again!

Hello, please tell me my due date is November 15th. Can I come in the numbers 13,14 (that is, in advance) since I'm afraid I won't have time to get from the village. Will it be paid or free???

Dear Olga! In accordance with the order of the Health Department No. 1020 dated 07/14/2021 "On the organization of medical care in the profile "obstetrics and gynecology" in the Lipetsk region ...", when a pregnant woman is observed in a women's consultation, on the basis of anamnesis and examination data, the presence or absence of certain perinatal risk factors is determined (that is, how high the risk is complications of pregnancy and childbirth). Based on this assessment, at 36 weeks, the appropriate risk group for perinatal complications is determined and the pregnant woman is referred to an obstetric hospital of the appropriate level (high risk group – GUZ "LOPTS", medium – GUZ "LGRD" and GUZ "LGB No. 4 LTM", low – any hospitals). If you are classified as a high-risk group, the doctor of the antenatal clinic in which you are being monitored must agree in advance on the date of prenatal (that is, before the due date) hospitalization at the LOPTS Medical Center, or agree on the date of an in-person consultation with our specialists. In the latter case, the date of hospitalization will be set by the specialists of GUZ "LOPTS" themselves. You don't need to pay for anything! If you belong to a medium or low risk group, prenatal hospitalization will be coordinated in the GUZ "LGRD" or GUZ "LGBNo. 4 "Lipetsk-Med". If you come to us in the active phase of childbirth, we will not refuse you. If you want to get to us with a guarantee, you can contact the chief doctor's office in advance on any weekday from 8:00 to 15:00. We will consult you, consider all available opportunities to receive you in our Center.

Good afternoon! Tell me, please: I am registered at the polyclinic No. 4 at 139 Gagarin Street. I want to give birth in the 19th microdistrict, in the regional hospital. How can I get a referral there? And what is a generic certificate, when and by whom is it issued? Thank you very much in advance for the answer!

Dear Diana! 1. If you apply with the onset of labor or the discharge of amniotic fluid, we will accept you in any case. The presence of a birth certificate allows you to choose any maternity hospital, including our perinatal center. You can contact the chief doctor's office in advance on any weekday from 8:00 to 15:00. We will consult you, consider all available opportunities to receive you in our Center. 2. The birth certificate is a document that guarantees the expectant mother to receive high–quality medical care during pregnancy, childbirth and after the birth of the baby, and also allows the woman to choose the maternity hospital in which she will give birth. Since July 1, 2021, the generic certificate is issued only in electronic form. It is formed in a women's consultation at 30 weeks with one child and at 28 weeks with two or more children. You can find the certificate in your personal account on the FSS website or the Public Services portal after the medical institution forms it.

Hello, tell me, please, if I did not agree on a partner birth, but at the time of labor I want my husband's support, will it be possible for him to come in? And another question, is it allowed to turn on music, the presence of animators, dancing during discharge?

Dear Maria! Partner childbirth is a free service, there is no need to agree in advance. In GUZ "LOPTS" it is possible to carry out partner childbirth if the partner complies with the following rules: 1. At the time of delivery, there should be no signs of ARVI (fever, catarrhal phenomena, etc.) 2. The result of lung fluorography on the hands, less than 1 year old 3. The result of PCR examination for COVID-19 on the hands (three days or less ago). It is also desirable to have a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19. Instead of PCR – you can buy an express test for COVID-19 at a pharmacy - we use this test to examine a partner upon admission to the emergency department. 4. Availability of clean cotton or disposable clothing and clean replacement shoes Finally, the issue of the partner's admission to childbirth is decided by the responsible doctor on duty at the maternity hospital at the time of the patient's admission. Upon discharge, the presence of animators and the use of music in the territory adjacent to the institution are allowed.

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