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Hello, 1. They did not issue an exchange card for the child, where vaccinations are indicated (Hepatitis was done), because there was a transfer to the intensive care unit, then to the children's hospital. The discharge from the children's hospital also did not indicate that the vaccine was given. Tell me where to go to get confirmation for the polyclinic? 2. Tell me the full name of the pediatrician in the 2nd obstetric department, who worked from 10/31/23 to 11/3/13

Dear Olga, To get the necessary information, you need to contact the chief physician's office on any weekday from 8:00 to 13:00 with your passport!

Hello! I gave birth at your hospital in October 2023. Can you tell me the name of the hepatitis B vaccine that is being given to newborns in your hospital? There is no such information in the statement.

Dear Lily, The yeast recombinant vaccine Regevak B is used for the vaccination of newborns in the GOZ "LOPTS"!

Hello, I am registered in the Tamb due to pregnancy.of the region , my term is 38.3, but I have a residence permit in Lipetsk Is it possible for me to come and do Ctg with you and my further actions ?

Good afternoon, Sofia! It's hard to guess your next steps without knowing exactly what you want. We provide emergency assistance, including in childbirth, to everyone, regardless of the residence permit and the medical organization that observed pregnancy. CTG is routinely performed in a women's clinic, where the pregnant woman is registered (in another consultation, it is paid). But if you come in an emergency, with complaints, they will do it in the emergency department of any maternity hospital.

Good afternoon. Tell me, is it possible to take lenses to the postpartum department?

Good afternoon, Maria! Yes, of course, contact lenses can be used in the postpartum department. During childbirth or during surgery, we do not really like them (they may fall out during anesthesia, for example), we recommend replacing them with glasses, but there is no strict prohibition.

Hello, tell me, please, if the discharge dates fall on the weekend, will you have to wait for Monday or can you be discharged on Saturday, Sunday?

Dear Polina! Discharge from the postpartum department is carried out on the fourth day after delivery, provided that the mother and baby feel well! The discharge takes place daily, including weekends and holidays!

Good afternoon. Please tell me, is it unknown when the perinatal center will be closed for washing in 2024? Thanks for the reply.

Dear Anna! The schedule for the closure of maternity hospitals for preventive treatment in 2024 will be known at the end of December!

Hello! Tell me, please, is the feature of the umbilical cord of the EAP considered a high risk zone?

Dear Elena! If no other pathologies were detected by ultrasound results, then the presence of an isolated EAP does not affect the course of pregnancy, the development of the baby and subsequent development after childbirth, and therefore does not apply to a high risk zone.

Good afternoon! Tell me, what is included in the contract "childbirth is not a problem"?is the postpartum ward paid separately?

Dear Ekaterina! The program "Childbirth is not a problem" includes: childbirth in an individual delivery room; delivery by a team of highly qualified specialists (experienced midwife, obstetrician-gynecologist and neonatologist of the highest qualification category) in accordance with the standards of medical care; if desired, the possibility of partner births; active behavior in childbirth, choice of position in the labor period (vertical childbirth is possible); careful monitoring of the parameters of the condition of the woman in labor and the intrauterine condition of the fetus with the help of modern tracking equipment; laying the newborn on the mother's stomach, delayed clamping of the umbilical cord, applying to the mother's breast in the first 10 minutes after delivery. The postpartum ward is not included in the program price and, if desired, is paid separately!

Good afternoon. Tell me how you can pick up the results of the first screening (blood), since I am on the account of a non-women's consultation

Dear Elena! In order to collect the results of biochemical screening, contact the registry office of the antenatal fetal protection department of the GOZ "LOPTS" at the address - Moskovskaya str. 6a (polyclinic), 4th floor. No prior appointment is required.

Good afternoon. I got acquainted with the list of what is needed in the maternity hospital from your website and had questions. There are no children's clothes in the list. It is implied that the child will only be in diapers all the time in the hospital? Do I need to take them with me then and in what quantity? 2-3 diapers are also indicated. Do they give out diapers? Which of the children's things should be taken directly to the delivery room?

Dear Elena Alekseevna! During the entire stay of the maternity hospital and the newborn in the obstetric postpartum department, they are provided in sufficient quantities with sterile diapers, blankets and other soft equipment. It is permissible to use your own clean and ironed hats for a newborn, socks, "scratches" on pens, diapers. Children's things are not required directly to the maternity hospital!

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