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Good afternoon. Do you need to pay for an individual ward for partner births?

Hello Vera. Payment for a paid postpartum service stay in the postpartum department is not a mandatory service for partner births. A prerequisite for admission to a partner birth is the presence of a negative smear (PCR) for a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the husband or other person accompanying you? not more than 3 days old at the time of admission.

Good afternoon, please tell me, do they practice such a method as "give the umbilical cord a pulse"in your hospital? Because in general practice, the umbilical cord is cut off to a child quite quickly (which is not quite the right solution)

Hello Sofia!
In the obstetric hospital of the GUZ "LOPTS", the umbilical cord ALWAYS crosses after the pulsation stops along it if there are no absolute indications for its crossing earlier (severe fetal asphyxia, bleeding, etc.). After birth, the child is laid out on the mother's stomach and lies on it while the umbilical cord pulsates.
Sincerely, the administration of GUZ " LOPTS"

Hello. The PDR is on the 10th of August, according to the routing, it is directed to give birth to Dad's. Is it possible to come to your maternity hospital with contractions, will they not be sent to another maternity hospital if there is insufficient disclosure?…

Hello Alyona!

GUZ "LOPTS" opens after preventive treatment on 29.07.2021 at 8:00. The routing of pregnant women for delivery in the territory of the Lipetsk region was approved by the order of the health department of the Lipetsk region and is as follows: pregnant groups of low and medium obstetric and perinatal risk are delivered in the maternity hospital of 2 groups - GUZ "Lipetsk city Maternity Hospital", pregnant groups of high risk and all women with premature birth (i.e. before the term of 37 weeks of pregnancy) are delivered in the GUZ "Lipetsk Regional perinatal center". Your exchange card has a routing sheet in which the place of your delivery has already been determined. When applying to the State Medical Institution "LOPTS" with contractions or discharge of amniotic fluid, you will be examined by an obstetrician-gynecologist in the emergency department and, depending on the phase and period of labor, as well as if there are free places, you will be hospitalized. If you are not in the active phase of childbirth or there are no free places for low-and medium-risk pregnant women in the "LOPC" GUZ, you will be sent to the "GRD" GUZ"

Sincerely, the administration of GUZ " LOPTS"

Hello. How many patches, if there is a cop, do you need to take with you?

Hello Anna. When entering the planned operative delivery in the GUZ "LOPTS", it is necessary to have 3 postoperative stickers of the "Kosmopor" type with a length of 25 cm, elastic knitwear (stockings) and non-carbonated drinking water.

Good afternoon.I have a PDR for the second screening in the middle of August.After marshurtization, I was sent to the maternity hospital for my Father.If there are partner births, I would like to give birth to you.Can you tell me if it will be possible for your spouse to be present at the birth during this period,what will be required for this,and whether it is necessary to contact you in advance?

Hello Elena! In GUZ "LOPTS" it is possible to conduct partner births, which implies that you and your spouse are in an individual birth box. When you are admitted to the maternity hospital, a mandatory condition for partner childbirth is that your spouse has a negative PCR smear for NCVI (COVID - 19)? fluorography with a prescription of no more than 6 months, no signs of ARVI (runny nose, cough, fever) and a change of clothes and shoes - a disposable surgical suit or dressing gown, a cap, a mask. For more detailed information, you can contact the reception department of GUZ "LOPTS" or the reception of the chief doctor of GUZ "LOPTS" by phone: 8-4742-31-45-96 Sincerely, the administration of GUZ " LOPTS"

Hello, partner births are possible only if the spouse presents a PCR test, or will a certificate of vaccination also work?

Hello Vera.
Partner births are possible only if the spouse presents a PCR test or a certificate of complete vaccination against NCVI (COVID-19).

Hello. The first pregnancy ended with an EX. Is it possible to refuse natural childbirth during subsequent pregnancy when entering the maternity hospital?

Hello Tatiana!
If the first birth ended with an emergency caesarean section, then the next birth is possible both by caesarean section and naturally. A scar on the uterus is a relative indication. When a pregnant woman enters a maternity hospital and develops a plan for childbirth, the opinion of a pregnant woman is necessarily taken into account. In the case of an existing scar on the uterus and a categorical refusal of conservative childbirth, she is delivered by caesarean section with a written refusal.

Good afternoon. Tell me about the list in the maternity hospital. A towel, breast cream, soap, cream, clothes for the baby - do you need anything? Take only what is written by sirogo in the list?

Tatiana, good afternoon!
Everything necessary for admission to the maternity hospital is listed on our website. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone (4742) 31 45 96

Good afternoon, please tell me how soon to receive a birth certificate, a red mark is pasted on the exchange card to give birth, is it possible to come to you in advance to find out about the cost of childbirth, the ward, etc . If so, where exactly should I apply ? Thank you in advance for the answer

Dear Ekaterina,
All information about paid services is available on our website. If you have any questions, please call 8 4742 31 45 96

Good afternoon, please tell me if the processing schedule has changed? Will you be closed until 28?

Dear Daria! Yes, until July 28, 2021, inclusive, the LOPZ GUZ is closed for preventive treatment.

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