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Good evening. Please tell me, is it possible to collect everything you need in the maternity hospital in transparent washable bags or is it necessary only in bags?

Dear Lily! Yes, transparent plastic washable bags are an ideal option.

Good afternoon. 6 years ago there was a caesarean, now I am pregnant, I am categorically against ep after cesarean, do I have the right to write a rejection of ep in favor of cesarean? And when should I write it? The gynecologist sends me to the EP, I don't want to come with contractions either.

Dear Julia! In accordance with the new Clinical Recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation "Cesarean section", if there is a history of this operation, a pregnant woman has the right to refuse to give birth through the natural birth canal. Situations are different, maybe you will arrive in the active phase of childbirth and if we are sure that in this situation everything will be safe for you and for your child during childbirth through the natural birth canal - we will offer this option as the most favorable. That is, we will decide on the situation, of course, taking into account your opinion. You can contact the chief doctor's office in advance on any weekday from 8:00 to 16:00 - we will explain everything, consider all options.

Hello. Can you tell me the list of allowed products for the transfer of a woman in labor? Can I have dates, prunes?

Dear Alyona!

The list that the help desk staff use to resolve transfers to the postpartum department:

1. Dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese) without flavorings and additives, in the original packaging with the specified sales period (up to 1 liter)

2. Boiled meat (1 serving)

3. Boiled fish (1 serving)

4. Meat broth (up to 0.5 liters)

5. Green apples

6. Green apple juice (up to 1 liter)

7. Walnuts

8. Cookies

We understand that the list is not quite complete, we work individually. Dates and prunes are not contraindicated for breastfeeding. If these fruits do not cause intestinal disorders in the maternity ward, they can be transferred.

Hello, tell me if I can register with your women's pregnancy consultation if I am registered in the Lipetsk region, but I live permanently in Lipetsk, and your center is suitable for me geographically and by personal sympathy. And how long do you take into account? Thanks for the reply.

Dear Elena! This is the cost of the entire period of stay in the hospital, regardless of the number of days.

Hello. The price of a double room in the postpartum department is 15 thousand. how many days is that?

Dear Elena! This is the cost of the entire period of stay in the hospital, regardless of the number of days.

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