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About COVID-19 prevention in summer


Salmonellosis: what you need to know about insidious salmonella

Salmonellosis is an acute zooanthroponous intestinal infection characterized by damage to the digestive organs in the form of gastritis, gastroenteritis, enterocolitis with the development of intoxication syndrome and water – electrolyte disorders, in rare cases the development of generalized forms (typhoid, septicemic and septicopiemic).


Prevention of intestinal infections in children

Acute intestinal infections are a whole group of contagious diseases that damage the digestive tract, disrupting its motility, with the development of diarrhea (the appearance of frequent liquefied stools in the patient), in severe cases dehydration, manifestations of the disease are accompanied by fever. Infection occurs when the pathogen enters through the mouth, when eating contaminated food, water and through dirty hands. The causative agents of intestinal infections can be bacteria (salmonellosis, dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, campylobacteriosis), their toxins (food poisoning), as well as viruses (enterovirus, rotavirus, norovirus). From patients and carriers of infection, microbes are released into the external environment with feces, vomit. All pathogens are very tenacious in the external environment, especially in the summer.


The effect of physical activity on the human body.

Human health is a very fragile system that requires constant monitoring and support. But what is the right way to take care of him? Will only proper nutrition and strengthening of immunity help in this? How to choose optimal physical activity, and whether they are needed at all? Such questions often arise in sedentary people. Speaking about the benefits of physical activity, it should be noted that its intensity, frequency, work on muscles and skeleton are important.


Physical education and sports – prevention of physical inactivity

Sports and a healthy lifestyle are inextricably linked with each other. This is confirmed by the famous saying: "In a healthy body – a healthy mind!". There is no arguing with this: as a rule, athletes are determined and purposeful people who are constantly moving forward. We are telling about the positive impact of sports on human health and character today, April 7, on World Health Day.


Anemia: types, manifestations, consequences

Anemia, or colloquially anemia, is a pathological condition characterized by a decrease in the hemoglobin content in the blood.

Anemia itself is not a disease, but a consequence of certain diseases and conditions of the body. In medicine, it is defined as a syndrome (a set of symptoms).


Caution, malaria: prevention and treatment of infectious disease

With the onset of summer, the flow of tourists traveling to countries with a tropical climate increases.

In order for holidays abroad not to be overshadowed by illness, you should be aware of the prevention measures for the most common exotic diseases. With the primary symptoms of the disease, they should be recognized in time. It will be about malaria.


IVF procedure. Infertility is not a sentence.

People get married in order to become parents, to give life to another person, to give him the opportunity to grow up, live his life and leave offspring. To continue in their children, and then grandchildren and great–grandchildren, and so on indefinitely is the only indisputable law for man, however, as for all other living beings on Earth.


European Immunization Week "Vaccines bring results!"

Immunization is widely recognized as one of the most successful and cost-effective health measures available. It makes it possible to prevent from 2 to 3 million deaths annually. The aim of the European Immunization Week, which will be held from April 24 to 30, 2022, is to increase the level of vaccination coverage by attracting attention and raising awareness about the importance of immunization of people, in particular among vulnerable groups of the population. To date, the absolute majority of medical professionals recognize that immunization has been an outstanding success of healthcare and one of the most effective and economically feasible measures of medical intervention.






Principles of rational nutrition

Rational nutrition is a balanced diet with which the body receives all the substances necessary for life, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, water. It is a way to develop and improve new eating habits and healthy tastes.


HIV is not a sentence, but a number of necessary rules must be observed

The spread of HIV infection continues to be one of the major problems of mankind. Despite the efforts of scientists, HIV infection is currently an incurable chronic infectious disease. For 35 years, no cardinal method of treating this disease has been found. But, thanks to modern advances in medicine, progress has been made in the fight against it.


What foods can increase blood pressure. Nutrition for hypertension

A healthy life is what each of us strives for, but few people know that external or changeable factors (which include ecology, genetics and medicine) affect only 40%, everything else depends on the person himself.


Prevention of influenza, coronavirus infection and SARS

What should you do during the period of active circulation of influenza, coronavirus infection and other pathogens of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in order to prevent your own infection and protect others if you get sick?



It is known that today people are most afraid of encountering cancer. Everyone dreams of living a long life and avoiding serious diseases that limit daily activity, require prolonged treatment or surgery. These fears are well-founded, because oncology is one of the leading causes of death in the world.


Say no to drugs

Drugs are chemicals of plant or synthetic origin that can cause a change in the mental state, the systematic use of which leads to addiction.

Drug addiction is a disease caused by dependence on a narcotic drug or psychotropic substance.

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