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Watch out, the heat!

High air temperature has a serious impact on the human body, leads to overloads of all systems and organs, especially the cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary systems suffer. In addition, in conditions of heat, there is a high probability of getting colds, as people, feeling thirsty, try to drink strongly cooled water and artificially create drafts.


West Nile fever is dangerous!

West Nile fever is an acute viral natural focal disease that occurs in both mild and severe forms. The prevalence is almost universal, since the disease has been registered on all continents, but with different intensity. Seasonality is caused by the activity of mosquito vectors and lasts until the beginning of the first cold weather.


Every second person suffering from diabetes does not know about his disease.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a chronic non-communicable disease, the rapid spread of which cannot be slowed down. Every year, the number of diabetic patients in the world increases by 17-19 million people, and more than 90% are patients with type 2 diabetes. At the same time, according to the World Health Organization, about half of those suffering from diabetes, that is, every second, do not know about their disease.


How to survive the heat for pregnant women?

Now an abnormal heat wave has been established in our region. This is a difficult test for many, especially for expectant mothers. In addition to heat and sunstroke, there is another serious danger — hypoxia (a decrease in oxygen in the air). It is fraught with weakening of strength, drowsiness. In pregnant women, these feelings can be especially strong.

Therefore, you need to protect yourself from the heat by all means. Ideally, it is better to do it outside the city, where it is easier to transfer it. If there is no opportunity to go to dachas and villages, expectant mothers (and not only them) should be especially careful. To survive the summer months with minimal discomfort, pregnant women should follow the following recommendations.


How to protect yourself from tick-borne borreliosis?

Ixodic tick-borne borreliosis is an acute infectious disease with a predominant lesion of the skin, joints, central nervous system, and cardiovascular system.

Non-specific individual (personal) protection of people includes:


The chief freelance endocrinologist of the Lipetsk region RCD N. P. Gorbunova told which of the patients with diseases of the endocrine system needs to be vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19-a potentially severe acute respiratory infection is a dangerous disease even for people who consider themselves healthy, not to mention those who have chronic diseases. The presence of chronic diseases is not a restriction to vaccination – on the contrary, they can be considered a priority indication for it.

Vaccination against this virus is absolutely necessary, especially for our patients with diabetes, older people, and those with obesity. The last year and a half have shown that patients with diseases of the endocrine system are at risk, they have an increased risk of hospitalization, complications and adverse outcomes due to coronavirus infection.


Prevention of drug addiction

Mankind got acquainted with drugs, according to archaeologists, about 40 thousand years ago, organic drugs were brought to Europe from the Middle East by the Crusaders in the XIII century, but for a long time medicine remained the main sphere of their use. And even now it is impossible to imagine medicine without drugs – they are indispensable for injuries, myocardial infarction, before operations, in oncological practice.

The turning point was the XIX century, when drugs, thanks to the development of trade, spread around the world and began to be used for non-medical purposes. Another suicidal step of mankind was the creation of first strong extracts based on herbal drugs (morphine from opium, cocaine from coca leaves), and then the synthesis of artificial narcotic substances [10].


Coronavirus infection. Article by S. V. Simonites

Dear asthmatics, patients suffering from COPD and respiratory failure associated with lung and bronchial damage!

I ask you to seriously approach vaccination against COVID-19. Your vaccination may be delayed due to an acute illness or an exacerbation of a chronic one. After recovering within 3 weeks, do not delay the date of vaccination any longer. As a rule, in the summer season, your diseases cause you less trouble, you can spend more time in the air. However, the coronavirus does not choose the season.

What do you get as a result of vaccination:


What is the danger of "intestinal flu"?


What should I know about measles?


Watch out, the heat!

High air temperature has a serious impact on the human body, leads to overloads of all systems and organs, especially the cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary systems suffer. In addition, in conditions of heat, there is a high probability of getting colds, as people, feeling thirsty, try to drink strongly cooled water and artificially create drafts.

To prevent overheating, heat and sunstrokes, exacerbations of chronic diseases, it is recommended:


Prevention of acute intestinal diseases

Acute intestinal infections (OKI) - this is a large group of diseases caused by various microorganisms with a predominant lesion of the gastrointestinal tract. There are more than 30 of them, the most harmless of them is food poisoning, and the most dangerous is cholera.

The causative agents of intestinal infections can be: bacteria (salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera), their toxins (botulism), as well as viruses (enterovirus, norovirus, rotavirus) , etc.

From patients and carriers of infection, microbes are released into the external environment with feces, vomit, sometimes with urine. Almost all pathogens of intestinal infections are extremely tenacious. They are able to exist for a long time in the soil, water, and even on various objects. For example, on spoons, plates, door handles, and furniture. Intestinal microbes are not afraid of the cold, but still prefer to live where it is warm and humid. They multiply especially quickly in dairy products, minced meat, jelly, as well as in water (especially in the summer).


How to avoid the development of skin cancer?

Skin cancer is one of the most common oncological diseases. It is on the 4th place in the frequency of diagnosis in men (after lung, stomach and prostate cancer) and on the 2nd place - in women (after breast cancer).

Like any other disease, skin cancer is better prevented than treated. Therefore, you should follow the rules of prevention, especially for those who are at risk.


What is hemoglobin and why is it important for health?

There are three types of blood cells: platelets (blood platelets), white blood cells (white blood cells), and red blood cells (red blood cells).

The iron-containing protein in red blood cells is called hemoglobin. Its function is to retain oxygen to deliver it to the body's tissues.

The norm of hemoglobin is: in men, 130-160 g/l, in women, 120-140 g / l.


Manifestations of HIV infection in the oral cavity

HIV infection of the oral cavity - pathological changes in the organs of the oral cavity, observed in patients infected with the immunodeficiency virus. They lead to the development of infectious and inflammatory, degenerative and oncological processes in the oral cavity: gingivitis, periodontitis, cheilitis, viral and fungal lesions, Kaposi's sarcoma, etc.

HIV diagnosis is carried out by laboratory methods and is aimed at detecting the virus itself in the blood, antibodies to it and assessing the state of the cellular link of the immune system. Effective treatment has not been developed to date, the basis of therapy is antiretroviral drugs.


Myocardial infarction and the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic of the new coronavirus infection has affected each of us. In a short time, the usual way of life has changed, we had to adapt to the new, constantly changing conditions of the world around us, which will never be the same. Information about the causes, manifestations and complications of a new deadly disease, from a thin stream turned into a stream of constantly updated knowledge, assumptions and hypotheses. This could not but affect patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. And the reason is not only in the direct impact of coronavirus infection on the heart and blood vessels. A huge role in the deterioration of the situation was played by the need for isolation, the reallocation of medical resources in favor of covid hospitals, the fear of some patients to seek medical help and get infected with the coronavirus, and general, unmeasurable, psychosocial tension.


Life without cigarettes!

Often, attempts by close people to help the smoker to break up the addiction do not bring benefits, and often even have the opposite effect: the smoker is even more strengthened in his desire to light a cigarette, it becomes his "best friend", alone with which it is so calm. What is the reason for your failures, because you are trying your best to help?

If you have never smoked, it is very difficult, or even impossible, to understand the effect of nicotine addiction. Any smoker can't stand talking about the dangers of smoking and that it's time to quit it more than anything else. So, the reasons for your failures are quite clear, it is worth eliminating these "gaps", and, having prepared, go to fight the nicotine enemy, which devours your loved one. To begin with, you should once and for all forget about direct requests or even threats like: "Quit smoking!", they will not cause anything but irritation.


Thyroid gland: its functions and diseases

The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in the work of our body, if it does not function properly, metabolic processes are disrupted, and other systems malfunction. It is no coincidence that one day of the year was dedicated to this organ – today, May 25, World Thyroid Day is celebrated.

The name "thyroid" was given to it by the anatomist Thomas Worth in 1656, the gland in its shape reminded him of the shields of the warriors of Ancient Greece. And the first mention of the thyroid gland dates back to the IV century BC - they were found in the writings of Hippocrates and Plato, in the works of physicians of ancient Greece, India and Egypt. According to WHO statistics, among endocrine disorders, thyroid diseases are the second most common after diabetes mellitus.


Gynecological examinations of girls and adolescents

Special attention is paid to the reproductive health of children in our country. The urgency of the problem is connected with the growth of the general gynecological morbidity and with the difficult demographic situation in Russia. According to statistics, every tenth girl is diagnosed with a gynecological disease.

Of great importance in the prevention and early detection of problems in reproductive health are examinations of children by gynecologists in certain decreed age periods. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation approved the following terms - 3 years, 6, 14, 15, 16 and 17 years.


How to cope with stress and fatigue after suffering from coronavirus?

Patients who have had coronavirus often continue to experience unpleasant symptoms after recovery. According to research, the most common consequences for the body are fatigue and mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

If you notice that you become tired faster even after a long rest, have difficulty concentrating on tasks and experience memory problems, then most likely you are facing post-ovoid syndrome.

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