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Assisted reproductive technologies (IVF)


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List of medical organizations providing medical care to patients suffering from infertility using the in vitro fertilization method under the territorial compulsory medical insurance programs

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Methodological letter dated 15.10.2015 No. 01-14 / 03/3718 "On the direction of residents of the Lipetsk region for the procedure of in vitro fertilization"

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Methodological letter of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of March 29, 2016 No. 15-4 / 10 / 2-1895 "On the direction of citizens of the Russian Federation for the IVF procedure"

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IVF Patient Registry (as of 08/14/2018)

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IVF Patient Information

To determine the need for high-tech medical care, a married couple needs to undergo a certain amount of examination and clarify the cause of reproductive dysfunction. To send citizens outside the Lipetsk region, the following documents must be prepared:

  • An extract from the patient's medical documentation with the examination data, the list of which was approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 107n of 08/30/2012. "On the Procedure for the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Contraindications and Restrictions on Their Use" (prepared by specialists of the Consultative and Diagnostic Department [of the women's consultation] of the State Healthcare Institution "LOPTs", located on the 4th floor of the Regional Consultative Polyclinic at the address: Lipetsk, Moskovskaya st., D. .6 a, registration tel. 31 - 40 - 85; 31 - 40 - 88; registration via the Internet is possible) or an extract from the territorial antenatal clinic;
  • The patient's statement of consent to the processing of personal data (filled in with her own hand indicating the passport data, the number of the compulsory medical insurance policy and the number of the pension certificate);
  • An application addressed to the head of the Lipetsk Region Health Department on the direction of medical documents for the IVF procedure at the expense of the compulsory medical insurance funds (filled in with your own hand indicating the passport data, the compulsory medical insurance policy number and the pension certificate number);
  • Conclusion of the chief freelance obstetrician-gynecologist of the UZO on the need to use assisted reproductive technologies (A.I. . 31 - 45 - 96; 31 - 45 - 97 on weekdays from 08.00. To 16.00.)

All these documents are submitted to the chief freelance reproductive specialist of the UZO O.V. Telegin at the address: Lipetsk, st. Moscow, 6a, office. 417, work tel. 31 - 41 - 10 on weekdays from 08.00. until 15.30.

Referral with an individual number for the IVF procedure at the expense of the CHI funds (issued by the Health Department of the Lipetsk Region) to a clinical center that uses ART (at the choice of the patient from the List below). The referral number is automatically assigned when the patient's data is entered into a special information system and is the priority number for the provision of ART.

In order to prevent complications associated with the use of the IVF procedure, it is not allowed to use more than 2 IVF attempts per year.

You can get acquainted with the electronic queue on the official website of the Lipetsk Region Health Department

State healthcare Institution
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