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Governor's million

Dear doctors!

The Lipetsk region offers you 1,000,000 rubles if you become a member of the regional program "Governor's Million"!

1,000,000 rubles is provided to doctors who do not have unfulfilled obligations for targeted training, who have not previously worked in the health care of the Lipetsk region, and who wish to be employed in state medical organizations in the region.

The location of the medical organization does not matter. You can work in both urban and rural areas of the region.

Our regional program does not replace, but complements, the federal program "Zemsky Doctor".

When applying for employment in rural areas, you will receive 2,000,000 rubles at the expense of an additional payment of one million rubles under the federal program "Zemsky Doctor".

District internists and pediatricians, doctors of general family practice (family medicine), neonatologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, resuscitators, and emergency physicians are invited to participate in the program. By becoming a member of the program, you agree to work in the health care of our region for 5 years.

We draw your attention to the fact that the measures of social support for doctors of scarce specialties, guaranteed by the legislation of the Lipetsk region, are not limited to the governor's million.

In addition to the payment of 1,000,000 rubles, you are entitled to full reimbursement of the costs of hiring (subleasing) residential premises during the entire period of work in the health care of the Lipetsk region and a social payment for the construction and purchase of housing, the maximum size of which depends only on the composition of your family - the larger it is, the larger the payment.

At the level of local self-government bodies of the Lipetsk region, additional social support measures are established for doctors in the form of allocation of free land plots for individual housing construction, establishment of local tax benefits, priority provision of places in preschool educational institutions, etc.

For all questions about participation in the "Governor's Million" program, you can contact the personnel department of the Health Department of the Lipetsk region by phone (4742) 23-80-12, 25-75-27 or at the address: Lipetsk, Zegelya str., 6.

Lipetsk Healthcare is waiting for you!

The Law of the Lipetsk region of 30.12.2004 No. 165-oz "On measures of social support for pedagogical, medical, pharmaceutical, social workers, workers of culture and art, specialists of veterinary services" (as amended on 01.10.2019)

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Resolution of the Administration of the Lipetsk Region of August 1, 2013 n 349 "On approval of the list of the most deficient specialties of doctors in state medical organizations of the Lipetsk region and the procedure for granting and returning social benefits for the purchase or construction of housing to doctors»

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Resolution of the Administration of the Lipetsk Region of October 11, 2019 No. 438 "On Approval of the Procedure for granting and Returning a one-time social payment to doctors of state medical organizations of the Lipetsk Region who are employed for the first time in the territory of the Lipetsk region in specialties classified as the most deficient by the regulatory legal act of the administration of the region, and do not have outstanding financial obligations under the contract on targeted training»

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