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Черных Максим Игоревич

Наталья Федькина



Many thanks to our doctors and our medicine! The highest professionalism and a kind-hearted attitude to the problems of expectant mothers are all that I had the opportunity to experience on my own experience. I am very grateful to the staff of the Department of Pathology
pregnant women and personally to Ilyina Anastasia
Alexandrovna, head of the department
Portnyagina Tamara Evgenievna for the timely assistance in the birth of her son.
Many thanks to the staff of obstetric department 1 for postnatal care, human attitude and support.
Low bows to all doctors and staff of the perinatal center for their great work.
You are best!


I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Obstetric Department No. 1, head of Zabrovskaya Tatyana Valeryevna, for her attentive, professional and human attitude, for her personal participation in the recovery process after childbirth. You just saved me!!!I would like to express my special gratitude to Tatyana Vostrikova, who had to suffer with me during her shifts and pay more attention to me, since I was in a serious condition. Thank you for her thoughtfulness, compassion, professional ethics, and just for being a wonderful person.
I am very grateful to midwife Myachina Irina for her great help in the birth of my long-awaited daughter.
Thank you for your professional work!!

The administration of GUZ "LOPTS" thanks you for the high appreciation of the work of our employees.

Наталия Стрельникова

There are no words that can express all the gratitude and convey at least a fraction of the emotions I experience...
I have SMA disease since birth, and it is extremely difficult to give birth to a child in this condition.. But on 01.03.2021, doctors Ryakhovsky Alexander Nikolaevich, Buganov Alexander Romanovich and Kleymenov Sergey Lvovich created a miracle, with the help of the CS, my soul, my daughter, was born. Thank you for your professional work, kindness, humanity, and for our lives. These are doctors from God.
And thank you to the whole team, very responsive, good-natured people work in the regional perinatal center, you feel as comfortable as possible there.

Пищугина Юлия Викторовна

Despite the past time (March 2020), I would like to express my deep gratitude to the entire staff of the Department of pregnancy Pathology and personally to T. E. Portnyagina, as well as to the head of the akush.department. Zabrovskoy T. V. for exceptionally positive impressions of staying in the ideal conditions of the LOPC. Thank you for your professionalism, order, technical equipment and warm atmosphere in the departments, high personal human qualities! I am happy that I was with you and I wish you happiness!!!

The administration of GUZ "LOPTS" expresses its gratitude to you for the high appreciation of the work of our employees.


I would like to thank Olga V. Telegina for her responsiveness and concern. This is a competent specialist who knows how to listen and hear the patient, polite and tactful. In my opinion, this is a doctor who really wants to help his patient in any way he can. I want to note that all appointments are explained, the reception is calm and without haste, everything is on the case.

The administration of GUZ "LOPTS" thanks you for the high appreciation of the work of our employee.


I want to express my deep gratitude to S. N. Ovchinnikova and the entire intensive care unit,who helped our daughter to be born on 10.11.2020 at 21: 00..I bow low to you, you are professionals in your field.We are very glad that we came to you!!!And also a special thanks to Shchegolnikov M. E., thank you).Sincerely, Ekaterina.Michurinsk city

The administration of GUZ "LOPTS" thanks you for the high appreciation of our work.

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