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Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to take your clothes clothes for the baby or is it only necessary to swaddle him?

Dear Valeria!

During the stay of the maternity hospital and the newborn in the obstetric postpartum department, they are provided in sufficient quantities with sterile diapers, blankets and other soft equipment. It is permissible to use your own clean and ironed hats for a newborn, socks, "scratches" on pens, diapers, it is possible to use vests.

Hello! If I am registered for my Dad's, but I want to give birth with you with the registration of a paid "Hospital" service in the obstetric postpartum, what is the minimum cost for the contract?From 25,000?

Dear Olga! This information is available on our website in the section "Patients/Paid services/Paid services "hospital". You can find out more information by contacting the chief doctor's office, or by calling +7 (4742) 31-45-96 or +7 (903) 699-82-27.

Good afternoon. Can you tell me who you will need to contact to get all the necessary documents for a tax deduction? In 2022, I was in your paid ward.

Dear Lydia! To obtain the necessary documents, you need to contact the accounting department of our center with a passport! To clarify the details, you can call the chief accountant Kudaeva Ekaterina Viktorovna by phone 8 (4742) 30-70-70!

Hello! Tell me please: 1. if the doctor in the Exchange wrote the maternity hospital on the Tractor, but I want you. Do I have rights? 2. Does the certificate indicate which maternity hospital or not?

Dear Elena!

If you contact us with the beginning of labor or the discharge of amniotic fluid, we will accept you in any case.  The presence of a birth certificate allows you to choose any maternity hospital, including our perinatal center. The birth certificate does not specify a specific maternity hospital.

You can contact the chief doctor's office in advance on any weekday from 8:00 to 15:00. We will consult you, consider all available opportunities to receive you in our Center.

Hello! Previous births in 2020 took place at your clinic, there was a planned cesarean section. Now the term is 31 weeks and there will be a planned COP again at the regional perinatal center according to indications (the red risk group on the exchange card). Last time I asked before the operation if the baby would be put to the breast immediately after birth. Doctor Ilyina, who performed the CS operation, assured that yes, it is mandatory. In fact, there was no such thing, although there were no contraindications either on my part or on the part of the child. Tell me, please, with whom and when you need to solve this issue - to attach the baby to the breast (on the stomach, for obvious reasons, it will not work) immediately after birth?

Dear Tatiana!

The child is first applied to the mother's breast immediately in the operating room after his birth and examination by a neonatologist in the absence of contraindications on both sides. You can additionally inform the operating doctor about your desire before starting the operation.

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