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Hello. Tell me, please, what kind of express test is needed for a partner to be admitted to childbirth? I understood that there are two types of them: from the nasopharynx (for example, "TEST FOR DETECTING ANTIGEN TO COVID-19 WHITE PRODUCT from the nasopharynx") and by blood (for example, "TEST FOR DETECTING ANTIBODIES TO COVID-19 SORBUS lgG/lgM from blood"). Are there any criteria?

Dear Ekaterina! To conduct an express test for COVID-19, a nasopharyngeal smear is taken upon admission to the emergency department!

Please tell me, do you give out your shirts for women in labor to the maternity ward, or do you need to take your own with you?? Thanks!

Dear Anna!

When entering the maternity hospital, you must have the following with you:

  1. Documents (exchange card, birth certificate, passport, medical policy, SNILS);
  2. Washable replacement shoes.
  3. Up to 1.5 liters of non-carbonated drinking water (required) mug, spoon, plate (possible); 
  4. Personal hygiene products: - postpartum pads; disposable postpartum underpants; toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, disposable shaving machine;
  5. Medications prescribed by a doctor for permanent use;
  6. Two or three diapers for a newborn; wet wipes (possible);
  7. Replace contact lenses with glasses;
  8. Remove nail polish from nails (on hands and feet)
  9. At the upcoming COP, take with you a bandage sticker of at least 25 cm. and disposable absorbent diapers of at least 60x60cm. Compression knitwear (stockings or bandages)

Everything you need for you and the newborn is available in our center. You need to prepare things just for the discharge!

You, for your convenience, can take a shirt directly to the birth. Being in your shirt in the postpartum department is possible provided that it is changed daily in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements!

Hello, I want to give birth to you under a paid contract. When can I come to you to get acquainted with the center and sign a contract?

Dear Kristina!
To make an appointment, you can call +7 (903) 699-82-27! We will consult you, consider all available opportunities to receive you in our center!

Good evening, please tell me the schedule for the closure of the maternity hospital for flushing in 2013?

Dear Ksenia! 

Previously, the closure of the GOZ "LOPTS" for preventive treatment in 2023 will be from July 24 to August 6! The closure will be partial, some of the high-risk pregnant women and premature births will be accepted! 

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