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Hello, tell me what products can be transferred to those who gave birth, not to/from.

Good afternoon, dear Victoria!
List of products allowed for delivery to maternity hospitals in our hospital:
1. Dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese) without flavorings and additives, in the original packaging with the specified sales period (volume up to 1 liter)
2. Boiled meat (1 serving)
3. Boiled fish (1 serving)
4. Meat broth (up to 0.5 liters)
5. Green apples
6. Juice from green apples (up to 1 liter)
7. Walnuts
8. Cookies
The list is compiled based on the requirements of excluding allergization of the newborn during breastfeeding and minimizing the risk of food poisoning of the maternity hospital.

Hello. Are there any breast-feeding specialists in the LOPC ? Thanks

Good afternoon, Victoria!
Each of our doctors is an obstetrician-gynecologist and each midwife is a specialist in breastfeeding. In the postpartum department, breastfeeding training is provided daily, and certificates are available. In addition, there is a specialist who is separately engaged in the promotion of breastfeeding among pregnant women.

Hello again. They never sent a response . The spouse has been vaccinated , what other tests are necessary for him to pass? When registering, he passed some tests in the LCD, there is a fluorography.
And yet, I hope your center complies with all the WHO recommendations and the baby is put to the breast immediately and cut the umbilical cord after it is released? Thanks

Dear Ekaterina!
In the GUZ "LOPTS", all WHO recommendations are followed. In addition to fluorography, the husband must have a disposable surgical suit, replacement shoes, and a vaccination certificate, which can be obtained through the portal of state services.

Hello. Please tell me, PDR on 20.05.2021 on the map is a yellow mark of the risk level, can I contact your perinatal center with the beginning of labor (the maternity hospital on Papina will be closed for prof.processing during this period)?Thanks for the reply.

Good afternoon, Maria!
Yes, of course, you can contact the GUZ "Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center" at the beginning of labor (including in May 2021), obstetric care will be provided in full.

Hello! PDR for August 14, 2021, is it possible for you to give birth if there is a yellow mark on the map?
According to the Order of the Health Department No. 1747 of 29.01.2021 "On approval of the schedule for closing maternity hospitals in the Lipetsk region for preventive treatment in 2021" when will this washing be carried out?

Dear Olga!
According to the Order of the health department No. 1747 of 29.12.2020 "On approval of the schedule for the closure of maternity hospitals in the Lipetsk region for preventive treatment in 2021", preventive treatment of GUZ "LOPTS" will be carried out
from 26.07.2021 to 16.08.2021. Admission of patients will be carried out from 17.08.2021.

Hello! Tell me, please, I was sent from the LCD to you for a consultation before giving birth to the Plasterer K. A. in the 418 office. Is it in the building of the polyclinic or in the perinatal center itself? Thanks for the answer!

Dear Svetlana!
Obstetrician gynecologist Shtukaturova K. A. receives on the 4th floor in the building of the regional polyclinic.

If at the time of delivery there was a relapse of genital herpes, then the birth will be with the help of CS?

Dear Svetlana!
Women with primary genital herpes in the third trimester should be delivered by planned caesarean section. Women with recurrent HSV should be informed of the unproven effect of elective caesarean section in terms of transmission to the newborn, and elective caesarean section does not require routine use.

Hello, how long before the discharge is necessary to negotiate with your photographer about shooting? Is a photographer and a videographer the same person ?

Dear Victoria!
You can arrange with a photographer during your stay at the perinatal center.

Hello, please tell me, are relatives allowed to be discharged?

Dear Anastasia!
Under quarantine conditions, close relatives of 2 people are allowed to be discharged.

Good afternoon, I gave birth to you, the statement is 15.12.20. I received a photo and a disk. At the check-out, they said that there would be a photo and a disk with a video for the cost of 3700, they paid immediately on the spot, pt a total of only 27 photos on the disk. The photographer does not pick up the phone on the contact number, where to turn?

Good afternoon, dear Maria!
The photographers assured us that the problem was solved - the video was sent to you. Just in case - the phone number of Anastasia's videographer: +7(920) 211-01-65. If you still have questions, please call or write.

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