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Prevention of influenza, coronavirus infection and SARS


What should you do during the period of active circulation of influenza, coronavirus infection and other pathogens of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in order to prevent your own infection and protect others if you get sick?

The causative agents of all these diseases are highly contagious and transmitted mainly by airborne droplets.

Sneezing and coughing in the air around a sick person spreads respiratory secretions that contain viruses. Larger droplets settle on surrounding objects and surfaces, small ones stay in the air for a long time and are transported over distances of up to several hundred meters, while viruses retain the ability to infect from several hours to several days. The main measures of hygienic prevention are aimed at preventing contact of healthy people with virus-containing particles of the secretions of a sick person.

Compliance with the following hygiene rules will significantly reduce the risk of infection or further spread of influenza, coronavirus infection and other acute respiratory viral infections:

  • wash your hands often and thoroughly;
  • avoid contact with coughing people;
  • keep a healthy lifestyle (sleep, healthy food, physical activity);
  • drink more fluids;
  • Regularly ventilate and humidify the air in the room where you are;
  • stay less often in crowded places;
  • use a mask on public transport and crowded places;
  • avoid hugging, kissing and shaking hands when meeting;
  • Do not touch your face, eyes, nose with unwashed hands.

The most effective method of prevention is annual vaccination. First of all, it is recommended to vaccinate those who are at risk:

  • children;
  • people over 60;
  • people with chronic lung diseases (bronchial asthma,
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease);
  • people with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system (congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure);
  • pregnant women;
  • medical workers;
  • employees of public transport, public catering enterprises.

The optimal time for vaccination is October-November. Children can be vaccinated against influenza from the age of 6 months.

Vaccinated people are less likely to become seriously ill and pass the virus on to other people. Therefore, vaccination reduces the rate of spread of infection.

At the first sign of a viral infection, consult a doctor!

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