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Preventive action for students of secondary schools and universities of Lipetsk "I know, I act, I live!»


The lifestyle of a modern student is associated with a huge number of different diseases that can overtake at the most unexpected moment. To prevent ailments, they need to lead a healthy lifestyle, but because of the constant training loads, most young people do not find time for their own health.

In 2018 , the long-term socially significant project "Healthy Region" continues to be implemented on the territory of our region, aimed at improving the quality of life of the population of the Lipetsk region and promoting a healthy lifestyle among its residents. Within the framework of the project, the regional health department, together with the medical organizations of the region, regularly conducts various preventive measures to prevent cardiovascular, oncological and other socially significant diseases.

One of the directions of the project is the organization of the preventive action " I know, I act, I live!»aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and prevention of socially significant diseases among students of secondary schools and universities in Lipetsk, as well as students of children's health camps.

This project is supervised by the Lipetsk Regional Center for Medical Prevention with the participation of medical and preventive institutions of the Lipetsk region.

On February 14, 2018, a preventive action "I know, I act, I live!"was held at the Lipetsk State Technical University.

As part of the campaign, specialists of the largest medical organizations in the region held lectures on promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing socially significant diseases:

  • doctors of the Regional Perinatal Center organized an interactive lecture "The possibilities of modern contraception" on the prevention of abortions and the preservation of the reproductive health of the younger generation;
  • Specialists of the Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases held a video lecture "Know to live!" on the prevention of HIV infection;
  • doctors of the Regional Drug Treatment dispensary organized a lecture hall with elements of an interactive conversation "Live in independence!" on the topic of smoking, alcohol and addiction to surfactants;
  • Doctors of the Regional Skin and venereal dispensary organized an interactive lecture session "Healthy skin is the key to beauty!" on the prevention of infectious skin diseases.

In the lobby of the institution, specialists of the Lipetsk Regional Center for Medical Prevention organized information platforms with an interactive survey on promoting healthy lifestyle and questioning the population, as well as a quiz on proper nutrition with the distribution of printed products for the prevention of socially significant diseases. Instructors of the Regional medical and physical Culture dispensary told about the prevention of hypodynamia and held a master class on the organization of physical exercises at home.

Within the framework of the campaign, young people could receive counseling and take a survey on the knowledge of the main methods of preventing HIV infection and AIDS, infectious skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections. In addition, for all interested students of the technical school, the concentration of carbon monoxide in the exhaled air was measured on a smokelizer and the level of oxygen saturation on a pulse oximeter, as well as a skin examination on a dermatoscope.

In total, about 200 students took part in the preventive action "I know, I act, I live!" at the Lipetsk State Technical University.

Let's start living and acting together! Let's give the young generation a healthy future!

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