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Good afternoon! I have a few questions: 1. Is it possible to come to you if the referral from the women's clinic to 1 maternity hospital. 2. Is it possible for you to pass an express PCR test to your husband, for partner childbirth. 3. What does disposable clothes mean for her husband, or you can just have him change out of street clothes.

Dear Alina!
1. You can. But. If you arrive in the active phase of childbirth, we will not be able to refuse you. Otherwise, we can transfer them to the LGRD in accordance with the order on routing pregnant women and women in labor. If you want guarantees, please contact us in advance, we will consider the issue individually: sometimes the perinatal risk group is not quite correctly determined in a women's consultation, or by connecting paid service services.
2. The test is prepared for at least 6 hours, and PCR tests are sent only in the morning at 08:30, on Sunday they are not sent at all. Therefore, no, only in advance, in other laboratories.
3. You can just change into clean HB clothes and a change of shoes. And a bathrobe, a hat, shoe covers - we can provide.

Good afternoon! Please tell me, does the husband have a certificate of vaccination, if he plans a partner birth, does he need to additionally do a covid test?Even if at the same time he feels good.Thank you))

Dear Maria!
On our website in the section "Patients" - "Partner childbirth" there is all the information. Vaccination against NCVI protects against the severe course of the disease, but not always from infection. Therefore, a 3-day-old PCR test is still needed.
"Even if he feels well at the same time" - if your husband feels "not well" at the time of delivery, then we will not let him into the delivery room in any case, regardless of any tests.

Good afternoon! Term 40.2 , I wanted to give birth at your place and come in childbirth. But if the birth does not begin, can I come for an examination and consultation? And, for example, to agree on a COP, instead of stimulation?

Dear Julia!
Childbirth at 41 weeks or more is associated with a large number of complications. Therefore, if childbirth does not begin at 40.5 weeks, it is necessary to consult (if you want to come to us, come to the reception department of GUZ "LOPTS" from 08.00 to 15.00). "To agree on a COP" is the wrong approach. We proceed from a specific obstetric situation and, depending on the identified data, we coordinate further management tactics with the pregnant woman. There are indications for a caesarean section, so this option will be offered. If there are no indications, we will offer another option. In any case, no operation (except perhaps plastic) is done without indications.

Hello, please tell me the term of 39 weeks I got a cold, sore throat, cough and runny nose.What if childbirth begins and it will not be possible to recover , the child is immediately given in such cases or not

Dear Eva! First, you need to consult a therapist, be examined for COVID-19. This infection is most severe in pregnant women, there are complications. Next, follow the therapist's recommendations for treatment. If it is not possible to be cured before delivery, and you will be admitted to the maternity hospital with the presence of catarrhal phenomena, we will examine you on COVID-19 upon admission, and until the result is obtained, the child will be separated from you.

Hello. If I do not plan vaccination, because I do not trust the vaccine. Will they let me into the maternity hospital without a Qr code?

Dear Alyona!
Of course, you will be admitted to the maternity hospital without a QR code about vaccination. But you still think again, because vaccination is necessary not for us, but for you:

  • 1. Since 06/25.21, pregnancy has been excluded from the list of contraindications for vaccination "Sputnik V". To date, there is no evidence of a negative impact of vaccination on the course of pregnancy and perinatal outcomes. The CDC International Registry, which contains most of the data on those vaccinated against NCVI during pregnancy, already numbered more than 114 thousand pregnant women for the period of May 2021. At the same time, it has now been proven that the incidence of COVID-19 in pregnant women is higher than the average in the population. Numerous studies indicate unfavorable pregnancy outcomes in patients with COVID-19.
  • 2. According to the Methodological Recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation "Organization of medical care for pregnant women, women in labor, maternity and newborns with a new coronavirus infection COVID-19" - vaccination against NCVI is an important link in the prevention of maternal morbidity and mortality.
  • 3. In the Lipetsk region, an active campaign is being carried out to vaccinate pregnant women against NCVI, vaccination is recommended for all pregnant women from 12 weeks or more. Temporary medical withdrawals from vaccination are given only until this period is reached. As of 11/26/21, more than 21.5% of pregnant women registered at the dispensary in the Lipetsk region have already been vaccinated against NCVI.

Hello. I have such a question, a planned c / s (second c / s , symphysitis) period of 37 weeks, the doctor from the residential complex has appointed a date when to come to you, please tell me, to come by 8:00 in the morning? Will there be a c/c on the same day?

Dear Ekaterina!
We accept a planned cesarean section from 8:00. It may come a little later, but keep in mind that there are a lot of operations, you may have to wait. Scheduled operations are performed from 9:00 to 15:30, but exactly on the same day.

Hello. Please tell me, are you not going to close for a wash yet?

Dear Maria! Preventive closure for the purpose of sanitation in 2021. in GUZ "LOPTS" has already been carried out. There is no closure schedule for 2022 yet. Approximately - July or August, and only partial closure.

Good afternoon. Please tell me, a week ago you had a planned cesarean section. The stitches were not self-absorbable. Can I come to you and remove the stitches? Where to apply? To the waiting room?

Dear Svetlana! Removal of stitches after surgery for 7-8 days is not such a complicated procedure, and it can be done on an outpatient basis at the place of residence. Nevertheless, if it is more convenient for you to come to us for this, we will not refuse you and we will carry out this manipulation ourselves. Contact the reception department of the GUZ "LOPTS" from 8:00 to 15:00.

Hello, please tell me, is it possible to get documents for a child (birth certificate, medical policy, SNILS) at discharge??? Thanks for the answer

Dear Alina! Indeed, we participate in the project of the Administration of the Lipetsk region "My first documents", and the documents listed by you can be obtained from us. On our website, in the "Patients" section there is a tab "Registry office and MFC services", everything is written there in detail.

Good afternoon, tell me, please, are partner births possible in the current situation with covid? The husband has a QR code about the transferred covid (accordingly, he does not need to be vaccinated yet) and will do a PCR test, will that be enough? Thanks for the answer

Dear Julia! Currently, in the Lipetsk region, there are restrictions on visits to hospitalized patients by relatives due to the current epidemiological situation for a new coronavirus infection. At the same time, in GUZ "LOPTS" it is possible to carry out partner childbirth if the partner complies with the following rules: 1. At the time of delivery, there should be no signs of acute respiratory viral infections (fever, catarrhal phenomena, etc.) 2. The result of lung fluorography on the hands, less than 1 year old 3. The result of PCR examination for COVID-19 on the hands (three days or less ago). It is also desirable to have a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19. 4. Availability of disposable clothing and clean replacement shoes Finally, the issue of the partner's admission to childbirth is decided by the responsible doctor on duty at the maternity hospital at the time of the patient's admission.

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