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Hello! I am registered in the NLMK polyclinic, the doctor said that in the direction from there I should give birth on the tractor. PDR July 31. What can or should be done to give birth to you? If I arrive during the labor process, is it possible that I will be rejected?

Dear Lydia, In order to give birth in our perinatal center, you must come to us with the beginning of labor activity around the clock. For more information, please call 8 4742 31 45 96.

Good afternoon. I am registered for pregnancy in the NLMK Residential Complex. The first ultrasound was recorded at 05.07 in the evening. Can I, if necessary, re-register for a different time, but on the same date in your registry?

Dear Maria! If you have any questions about registering in the LPD of the KDO GUZ "LOPTS", you need to call the registry office at 8 4742 31 41 03.

Hello! I would like to give birth in your hospital in the presence of my husband. I am from Michurinsk and I have a term of 32 weeks. How and when can I come to get acquainted with your maternity hospital and ask questions about childbirth? What documents do you need for this? Do you need to make an appointment with the manager or do you have an open day? What is the phone number? can I call to discuss these and other issues? Thanks.

Dear Julia!
You can ask all your questions by phone at 8 4742 31 45 96.

Good afternoon! I want to give birth to you! I am from Lipetsk, I am registered in the residential complex on Zvezdnaya (Vermisheva). You can find out the list with which you need to come to the hospital. I do not plan to go to bed in advance, I think to go already with the contractions. And another question: is it possible for a mother to be present at the birth?! So-the same question about manicure/pedicure . There should be no coating on the nails?!thanks

Dear Anna! Partner childbirth is a free service. The partner must have the results of the FLG no later than 6 months ago, a sterile disposable medical suit (robe), a cap, and a change of shoes. When you enter a perinatal center, you should immediately tell your doctor about this. Have the following documents with you: exchange card, passport, SNILS policy. Personal hygiene products, replacement shoes. Nails should be clean, uncoated. All questions by phone 8 4742 31 45 96.

Hello! Pregnancy management in the women's clinic with subsequent delivery in the LOPC from 80,000 thousand rubles. Subsequent delivery in the LOPC - this amount already includes paid childbirth? And how much do you need to pay for an individual doctor and midwife?

Dear Olesya! All services are included in the specified fee. If you still have questions, please call 8 474 2 31 49 89.

Good afternoon!
I'm from Lipetsk, the doctor said that to give birth either on my father's or on the Tractor, and you only have pathology or from the region. I have a C-section according to the indications. How to give birth to you?

Dear Irina! We will answer your question by calling (8 4742) 31 45 96 or (8 4742) 31 49 89.

Good afternoon!I live in the region,in the exchange card in the routing sheet for delivery it is written-it is subject to delivery in the LOPC and prenatal hospitalization is shown (due to problems with the thyroid gland) Tell me, can I come to you and go to bed in advance two or three days before the PDR,or do I need to take an additional referral from my gynecologist?Thank you in advance

Dear Anastasia! Your doctor must agree on the date of hospitalization in the GUZ "LOPC" with our DACC and give you a referral. For more information, please call 8 4742 31 45 96.

Good afternoon, tell me, please, from what date does your maternity hospital close for washing? Thanks.

Dear Olga! This year, our perinatal center will no longer be closed. The schedule for the next year is not made.

Please tell me what list of things to take with you to the hospital?

Dear Anastasia!
The list of necessary things in the memo!

A reminder for pregnant women
When entering the maternity hospital with the beginning of labor, you must have the following with you:

without fail:

  • documents (exchange card, birth certificate, passport, medical policy, SNILS);
  • slippers;
  • nightgown;
  • personal hygiene items;
  • disposable machine tool


  • disposable sterile panties;
  • postpartum pads;
  • several diapers for the newborn;
  • your plate, spoon, mug

Hello! I have to come to you for the second ultrasound in the direction for free. And how much will it cost to determine the sex of the child?

Dear Sofia! You can find out the cost of determining the sex of the child by calling 8 4742 314103.

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