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Memo for parents of children in the neonatal resuscitation and intensive care unit

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The structure of the intensive care unit and intensive care of newborns

The Department of Resuscitation and Intensive Care of Newborns of GUZ LOPC has acquired its place of residence in the new building since July 2016. ORION is located on the second floor, designed for 21 beds.

ORITN consists of 2 buildings: administrative and medical. To get initially into the administrative building, you should visit the male and female sanitary checkpoints. Parents have their own sanitary inspection, which is located next to the mother's pumping room. The department has an information board with full name. doctors.

 In the administrative building there are: the office of the head of the department, the office of the senior nurse, 3 residents, the office of the medical staff, the office of the hostess sister, the offices for washing medical equipment, sanitary rooms, the office for storing medical equipment and many other offices.

The medical building consists of 2 mirrored blocks. Each of them includes 1 isolation ward, 1 small operating room, 3 wards, as well as a treatment room and technical rooms.

Our department is equipped with the necessary equipment for resuscitation and intensive care, including newborns with very low and extremely low body weight. Through the Center for Emergency and Advisory Medical Aid, patients can be consulted by a cardiologist, hematologist, otorhinolaryngologist, endoscopist and other specialists. The technical equipment of the department allows to carry out most of the methods of neonatal intensive care available today. Artificial ventilation of the lungs is carried out with devices of an expert class under the control of respiratory monitoring and blood gas composition. Where possible, non-invasive respiratory support (NCPAP) is preferred. If necessary, it is possible to carry out high-frequency oscillatory ventilation of the lungs.

The department conducts tele-consultations with specialists from scientific centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Medical and protective regime of our department

In our department, we try to create the most comfortable conditions for sick children. Babies are in modern incubators that protect them from noise, bright light, and conditions that are as close to intrauterine life as possible are created for preterm babies. The level of temperature and humidity of the environment is constantly monitored, which is extremely important for the care of our young patients.

Feeding of children is carried out according to an individual regime. The department organizes visits to newborns by mothers, because even a short communication is very important and has a beneficial effect on the child, contributes to a speedy recovery.

Without leaving the department, ultrasound and X-ray examinations are performed in the most comfortable conditions for children. The express laboratory operates around the clock. This makes it possible to assess the glucose level, the gas composition of the blood, the level of bilirubin, the acid-base state and other important indicators for the correction of therapy in a few seconds.

The head of the department, the attending physician, and the post nurse take part in the treatment of each child. Around the clock, the department employs qualified staff who are sincerely interested in improving the quality of medical care, the development of modern methods of nursing newborns. If necessary, in the conditions of our department, consultations of specialists and employees of the department are held.

The department saves the lives of not only newborns of the Perinatal Center, but also newborns from other maternity hospitals in the city.

Our department staff


Zhikhareva Ekaterina Nikolaevna
Head of the Department of Reanimation and Intensive Care for Newborns - anesthesiologist-reanimatologist


Altukhov Ivan Gennadievich


Antonova Olga Andreevna


Ilyicheva Vera Igorevna


Kuvshinova Yulia Anatolyevna


Lobova Victoria Nikolaevna


Solovieva Olga Leonidovna


Titarenko Vladimir Evgenievich


Yakushenko Natalya Sergeevna


Gugnina Lada Yurievna
Senior nurse

State healthcare Institution
"Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center"
398055, Lipetsk, Moskovskaya str., possession 6g (84742) 31-45-96; Факс: 31-45-96

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