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It is a structural subdivision of the Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center and is designed to provide timely medical care to premature and sick newborn children, of any gestational age, requiring intensive care, diagnosis and treatment of pathology of the neonatal period in the presence of contraindications for discharge home.

Newborns are delivered from the structural divisions of the State Healthcare Institution of Health Care Center of the intensive care unit and the neonatal unit in case of deterioration.

A feature of the department is the presence of comfortable wards for the joint stay of mother and child for 20 beds, as well as an intensive care post for 10 beds, with the possibility of conducting minimal respiratory therapy in it.

Children in serious condition are placed in the intensive care unit. If the mother cannot stay in the department all the time, she can visit the child, feed him expressed breast milk, and directly participate in developmental care. In our department, we not only allow the mother to visit the child, but try to actively involve her in caring for the child, allow her to communicate with the child, take him in her arms, use tactile contact - the "kangaroo" method (laying out a naked child on the mother's chest), and also a light massage, which contributes to the normal development of the child.

The joint stay of mothers and newborns in the department allows to improve the results of treatment, reduces stress in relatives of young patients, increases the success of breastfeeding, and reduces the length of hospitalization.

Parents receive full qualified information about the condition of the newborn, the tactics of his treatment, the characteristics of the disease, communicating with the child's doctor on a daily basis. A welcoming environment in the department and the earliest possible contact between mother and child are essential elements of good newborn care. From our department, the child is discharged home under the supervision of the district service and specialist doctors, and therefore, the main task is to compensate for all vital functions of the child's body, inform and teach parents to take care of the child.

The doctors and nurses of the department have vast experience and certificates of the first and the highest category. The department is aimed at the fullest possible implementation of therapeutic and diagnostic measures and uses the capabilities of the therapeutic and diagnostic and auxiliary departments of the ODB GUZ: patients are consulted by a neurologist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, surgeon and other specialists. Our department has a massage room.

Department tasks

Providing specialized medical care to newborns and premature babies, carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Introduction of new technologies aimed at improving the quality of treatment and diagnostic work, reducing mortality and preventing disability.

Continuation of therapeutic and early rehabilitation measures for newborns and premature babies after the completion of the intensive care complex.

Provision of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures at the modern level and prevention of nosocomial infection.

Conducting sanitary and educational work with mothers and relatives of newborns and providing them with psychological support.

Implementation of breastfeeding policy.

The department of pathology of newborns and premature babies is provided with a modern complex of medical and diagnostic equipment: infusion pumps, monitors, resuscitation tables, incubators, etc., which allows intensive therapy for newborns, including premature babies of any weight and with varying severity of the course of the disease. Deeply premature babies are in incubators, where conditions are created that are as close as possible to intrauterine life: the level of temperature and humidity is constantly monitored, protection from noise, bright light is created, oxygen therapy is used if necessary. Children with a larger birth weight are in cribs on special heated mattresses.


Head of the Department of Pathology of Newborns and Premature Babies - Inna Sergeevna Anisimova , neonatologist, the highest qualification category in the specialty "Neonatology", work experience over 17 years.

Department doctors:


Kovaleva Natalya Serafimovna , neonatologist, highest qualification category in the specialty "Neonatology", work experience over 22 years.


Barbashina Natalya Sergeevna - neonatologist, work experience over 3 years.


Korobova Ekaterina Sergeevna - neonatologist, 1 year work experience.


Senior nurse:

Kiryanova Irina Aleksandrovna  - the highest qualification category in the specialty "Nursing in Pediatrics", work experience over 22 years.

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State healthcare Institution
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