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Regional action " Surround with care!»


Regional action " Surround with care!»



The problem of the spread of HIV infection, which concerns the entire world community, remains relevant for our country. Today, more than 900,000 people in Russia are living with HIV. In order to reduce the number of new cases of infection, the Government of the Russian Federation has approved a state strategy, one of the main objectives of which is to raise public awareness of issues related to HIV infection.

In support of this strategy, since 2016, the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives, with the active support of federal ministries and departments, religious and public associations, as well as the mass media, has been holding the All-Russian campaign " Stop HIV/AIDS". 
One of the main objectives of the campaign is to draw attention to the topic of HIV infection, to ensure everyone's access to complete and reliable information about the ways of HIV transmission, protection measures against infection, methods of diagnosing infection and the irreversibility of the consequences in the event of its development, to eliminate stigmatization and discrimination of HIV-infected people.

It is important to note that every year the Campaign "Stop HIV/AIDS " is causing an increasingly wide public response. According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, thanks to the wide dissemination of information, more than 34 million Russians are tested for HIV every year, and the level of awareness of the population during the events reaches 80%.

From May 14 to 19, 2019, the sixth All-Russian campaign "Stop HIV" will be held/AIDS". Events within the framework of the campaign will be held in three areas: "HIV Knowledge Week", "HIV Testing Week", "Week of Active actions against HIV". Within the framework of the Campaign, information and educational work will be carried out and HIV testing will be organized among various population groups. The variety of formats of educational events (conferences, forums, debates, quests) allows you to convey important information to literally everyone without boredom.

We wish everyone to be active, caring, careful and attentive to their health. We urge you to use this week for testing for HIV infection and once again draw attention to the need to follow simple rules for the prevention of this disease. Health to you and your loved ones!

N. V. Korobova

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