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The conference "Tuberculosis – no!" dedicated to the World Tuberculosis Day was held in the Lipetsk region


In the Lipetsk region, the Lipetsk Regional Tuberculosis Sanatorium "Lesnaya Skazka" (OKU LOPS "Lesnaya Skazka") hosted a conference "Tuberculosis – no!" dedicated to the World Tuberculosis Day.

The conference was attended by specialists with higher and secondary medical education of OKU LOPS "Lesnaya Skazka", GUZ "Lipetsk regional tuberculosis Dispensary" (GUZ "LOPTD"), OKU "Usmansky tuberculosis children's sanatorium", employees of GAU DPO "Center for Postgraduate Education, GUZOT "Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention".

The general trends in tuberculosis in the world, the achievements and problems of combating tuberculosis in the new epidemic conditions in the Lipetsk region, the goals of the anti-tuberculosis policy of the institution, the results achieved were told by the chief physician of the OKU LOPS "Forest Fairy Tale" Levakova G.N.

"The number one task, according to global trends and recommendations of the World Health Organization, is to end tuberculosis by 2030. By this time, we must reduce mortality from tuberculosis by 90% and reduce morbidity by 80%," the chief doctor of the institution said.

The phthisiologist of the institution, N.M. Starova, informed the audience about the role of various methods of treatment, including sanatorium-resort, in different groups of the population.

"Successful spa treatment has a positive impact on human health and society as a whole," the doctor summed up the speech.

One of the important issues of the conference is "Tuberculosis prevention". Russia shows tremendous results in terms of mortality and morbidity reduction rates. This is achieved through more thorough diagnostic and preventive work in regions with focus groups: people with weakened immunity, HIV-positive, migrants, homeless and others.

"Prevention of tuberculosis is one of the most significant factors in preventing and combating such a dangerous and widespread disease affecting both humans and animals," stated the head of the department of the State Educational Institution DPO "Center for Postgraduate Education" M.D. Logunkova.

Tuberculosis prevention has a social orientation, which consists in carrying out economic and sanitary measures. One of these activities is the fight against alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, smoking, the development of physical culture and sports, the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle.

Scandinavian walking is used in the practice of the sanatorium-resort treatment complex for the rehabilitation of patients. The experience of using this type of physical activity in the practice of the sanatorium was described by the instructor-methodologist in physical therapy Kuzmina L.Yu.

The chief freelance specialist in the management of nursing activities of the Health Department of the Lipetsk region, Razgonova G.N., gave recommendations on the prevention of tuberculosis in patients who have had COVID-19 infection.

This conference became a scientific and practical platform for the exchange of experience between the participants of the conference, who made presentations on a wide range of professional topics dedicated to the skills of using modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis.

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