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The implementation of the Zemsky Doctor program continues in the Lipetsk region


One of the priority tasks of Lipetsk healthcare today is to increase the personnel potential of regional healthcare, which is being successfully solved within the framework of achieving the targets set by the federal project "Modernization of primary healthcare" and the national project "Healthcare". More than 80 doctors have moved to rural settlements and small towns of the Lipetsk region thanks to the Zemsky Doctor program implemented in the region over the past three years.

So, in March 2022, Sabrina Toshpulatovna Tadjibayeva, a cardiologist, was admitted to the polyclinic of the Lebedyanskaya Central District Hospital (LCRB).

Sabrina Toshpulatovna graduated from the Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibni Sino in 2005. She worked in Tajikistan. In 2000, she underwent professional retraining at the Moscow Metropolitan Educational Center LLC in the specialty "Cardiology", continued her career in the Sverdlovsk region.

In 2022, in connection with the move to the Lebedyansky district of the Lipetsk region, she applied to the State Medical Institution "LCRB" and was employed in a medical institution under the "Zemsky Doctor" program. 

Tadjibayeva S.T. conducts the reception of the adult population in the polyclinic of the GUZ "Lebedyanskaya CRH". Owns modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Participates in the introduction into practice of modern methods of organization of cardiological care.

For more rational care of patients, the cardiologist's office is located on the 1st floor, here on the 1st floor there is a functional diagnostics department, a treatment room and an emergency medical center.  In addition to the main work of receiving patients in the polyclinic, the doctor is on duty in the cardiology department of the interdistrict vascular center.

It should be noted that two inter-district centers operate on the basis of the hospital: vascular and surgical with inclusion in the area of responsibility of the population of the Lev-Tolstoy, Krasninsky, Dankovsky and Lebedyansky districts of the Lipetsk region. There are 8 departments: therapeutic, surgical, cardiological, neurological, pediatric departments, departments of anesthesiology and intensive care, medical rehabilitation, nursing care.

More than 60 people work in the CRH, including more than 50 doctors of narrow specialties serve patients. 51 doctors work in the units providing outpatient care, 18 doctors work in inpatient conditions. Average medical workers – more than 200 people.

The number of the serviced population as of January 01, 2022 is more than 37 thousand people, including adults – about 30 thousand people, children from 0 to 17 years – about 7 thousand people.

The hospital of the central district hospital is deployed for 189 beds.

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