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Attention, survey! Your opinion is important to us!

Modern medicine is unthinkable without antibiotics. Antibiotics are among the most commonly used drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases of humans and animals and in most developed countries occupy a leading place in terms of production and consumption among all other groups of drugs. However, despite the appearance in the arsenal of doctors of a significant list of medicines active against almost all pathogenic microorganisms, there are still problems and unresolved issues in this area.


Analysis and conclusions based on the results of the survey on the topic "Provision of paid medical services"

In the period from November 2 to November 14, 2021, the Health Department of the Lipetsk region conducted a survey on the topic "Provision of paid medical services" among registered users of the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (Public Services) with a confirmed account.


What is in-depth medical examination?


About vaccination in questions and answers.


Natural focal infections.

Natural focal infections are diseases common to humans and animals, the pathogens of which can persist in nature for a long time in certain climatic conditions, within a limited geographical landscape, forming a natural reservoir of infection in the organisms of animals, birds, blood-sucking arthropods, which are the sources and carriers of these infections.


Vaccination of pregnant women.

The urgent need for the introduction of methods for the prevention of a new coronavirus infection has contributed to numerous studies aimed at developing effective vaccines against COVID-19. Despite the susceptibility of pregnant women to the severe course of a new coronavirus infection, this category of women is not included in clinical trials of available vaccines against COVID-19 - due to existing ethical standards.


Analysis and conclusions based on the results of a survey on the topic "Violation of the rights of citizens to receive free medical care under the Program of state guarantees of free provision of medical care to citizens in the Lipetsk region"

In the period from October 11 to 21, 2021, the Health Department of the Lipetsk region conducted a survey on the topic "Violation of the rights of citizens to receive free medical care within the framework of the Program of state guarantees of free provision of medical care to citizens in the territory of the Lipetsk region" among registered users of the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (Public Services) with a confirmed account.


What you need to know about Influenza, SARS and COVID19



What is the flu and what is its danger?

Flu is an infectious disease that anyone can get sick with. The causative agent of influenza is a virus that gets into the nasopharynx of others from infected people.

Most people get sick with the flu for only a few days, but some get more seriously ill, possibly a severe course of the disease, up to fatal outcomes.


Treatment of chronic pain in cancer patients.


Attention, the survey! Your opinion is important to us! "Provision of social support measures to medical workers"

Today, many state medical institutions are experiencing a shortage of medical personnel, especially narrow, scarce specialties. This is a problem both in our region and in most regions of Russia.


The effect of tobacco smoking on the state of the oral cavity.

Smoking is the most common bad habit that adversely affects all organs and systems of the body. The oral cavity is primarily associated with temperature exposure and harmful substances of tobacco smoke. And there are more than 4,000 of them, including more than 40 carcinogens!


Prevention of cervical cancer: basic principles.

Cervical cancer (cervical cancer) is one of the leading causes of death among women. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 604,000 cases of the disease were detected in 2020, the death rate from breast cancer was 304,000 people. Screening programs are being developed worldwide in order to reduce the mortality from breast cancer. Since the middle of the XX century, the main method of early diagnosis of breast cancer is a cytological examination using the PAP test (PAP test), but since then, screening programs have been supplemented and expanded.


Watch out, snakes!

In summer, most of the townspeople rush to the forests and cottages. And, in addition to mushrooms and berries, many vipers are found. In hot, dry weather, snakes most often lie in the shade. As a rule, snakes do not attack a person themselves. They bite in self-defense. Viper venom contains substances that affect the blood clotting system. Already in the first minutes after the bite, there is a sharp soreness at the bite site, hyperemia and swelling, which gradually increases. The most dangerous bites are in the neck and head. The victim notes a sharp weakness, dizziness, nausea, possible vomiting and fainting due to a sharp decrease in pressure.


What you need to know about sexually transmitted infections.

It is quite easy to get such an infection. If sexual contact is unprotected, then more than twenty - five types of pathogens can be transmitted at a time, and, most often, these are trichomonas, myco-and ureaplasmas, chlamydia, gonococci, human papillomavirus and herpes. The incubation period of diseases ranges from two to three days to several weeks. To date, the list of STIs includes 31 pathogens: 10 types of viruses, 15 types of bacteria, 1 type of fungus, 3 types of protozoa and 2 types of ectoparasites.


Repeated vaccination against COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation recommends re-vaccination of citizens after 6 months after the disease (including in previously vaccinated persons) or after 6 months after the previous primary vaccination (2 applications). Repeated vaccination is carried out twice (2 applications) with the "Gam-COVID-Vak", "EpiVacCorona" and "KoviVak" vaccines, or once with the "Sputnik Light" vaccine.


Youth and HIV


How to preserve reproductive health?

According to research results, the frequency of infertility in marriage in different countries ranges from 8% to 29%. The share of infertile marriages in Russia ranges from 8% to 17%.


Watch out, the heat!

High air temperature has a serious impact on the human body, leads to overloads of all systems and organs, especially the cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary systems suffer. In addition, in conditions of heat, there is a high probability of getting colds, as people, feeling thirsty, try to drink strongly cooled water and artificially create drafts.


West Nile fever is dangerous!

West Nile fever is an acute viral natural focal disease that occurs in both mild and severe forms. The prevalence is almost universal, since the disease has been registered on all continents, but with different intensity. Seasonality is caused by the activity of mosquito vectors and lasts until the beginning of the first cold weather.

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