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The effect of physical activity on the human body.


Human health is a very fragile system that requires constant monitoring and support. But what is the right way to take care of him? Will only proper nutrition and strengthening of immunity help in this? How to choose optimal physical activity, and whether they are needed at all? Such questions often arise in sedentary people. Speaking about the benefits of physical activity, it should be noted that its intensity, frequency, work on muscles and skeleton are important.

Sport is the key to health!

Regular physical activity is the basis of a proper lifestyle and the key to the absence of health problems in old age. People who do not neglect physical education and sports get sick less, because their immunity fights viruses and pathogens of various diseases more effectively, rarely suffer from overweight and cope better with stress and everyday problems. During exercise, endorphins are produced in the human body, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Overall endurance increases, the cholesterol content in the blood decreases, and the risk of getting bronchopulmonary ailments also decreases – after all, the lungs of trained people are stronger and more resilient.

No medicine is able to dilate blood vessels for a long time and as much as the work of muscles.

It is during physical exertion that all the necessary nutrients, including oxygen, come to our organs through the blood, which contributes to their normal operation.

How many diseases associated with physical inactivity have been discovered recently, ranging from obesity to diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. Our modern way of life is especially conducive to this. Basically, at home and at work, we spend most of our time sitting either in front of the TV or at the computer.

Sports that are good for health

The most useful sports are those that aim to strengthen and improve the overall health of the body and all its systems, and are not aimed at achieving various records and overcoming difficulties.

Gymnastics is one of such wonderful sports. This includes not only gymnastics itself in all its varieties (artistic, morning, rhythmic gymnastics, and so on) but also the directions that arose at the junction of several wellness systems: fitness, pilates, aerobics, yoga, wushu.

These types of physical activity are good because in one form or another they are suitable for almost everyone without exception: you can choose a set of exercises for both a child and an elderly person, while taking into account the peculiarities of each age category.

Swimming- many doctors believe that this is the most useful sport. And it's hard not to agree with this. In addition to increasing overall endurance, swimming exercises have a positive effect on the state of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. For nervous, stressed people, it is absolutely irreplaceable: it fights fatigue and irritability, normalizes the general emotional background and helps to increase stress resistance.

Running is another very useful type of physical activity that involves all muscle groups. Jogging is a good prevention of hypertension, but may be contraindicated for people who already have heart problems. In general, running has a mild effect on the body, stimulates blood supply and is actively used in weight loss programs.

In addition to the obvious benefits for physical health, sports can cure many psychological problems. Insomnia and irritation over trifles practically do not visit active adherents of healthy physical activity, and confidence and willpower contribute not only to success in sports, but also in all spheres of life. There is nothing surprising in the fact that physically developed people feel much more confident in themselves and their abilities compared to people who are not friends with physical culture.

Rules of sports for health promotion

When making decisions to engage in physical education or sports, many factors should be taken into account: age, the presence of chronic diseases, the degree of physical fitness, the amount of time that you plan to spend on training and much more.

Among the main rules for effective training are the following:

  • setting a clear goal;
  • regularity;
  • patience;
  • no contraindications for classes.

If the goal is to get rid of excess weight, training should be long and frequent, but the duration should be increased gradually. To maintain good physical shape and overall health-improving effect on the body, two workouts per week of average intensity of 40-60 minutes will be enough. Provided, of course, regular classes.

Age also matters

  • In 20-30 years, strength training, exercises for flexibility and joint development, coordination are advisable. Dancing, aerobics, fitness, boxing – young people will easily find something to their liking.
  • By the age of 40, you should think about back health, so yoga and Pilates will be the best choice. You can include cardio equipment in the training program.
  • After 50 years, you can recommend walking and careful uniform loads in the gym.

The instructor should tell you in more detail about all the features and nuances in personal contact, because each individual is unique in his own way.

Physical activity is an excellent assistant in the fight for a beautiful figure and excellent health, and compliance with simple rules will help to increase the effectiveness of classes at times and maintain well–being during and after training. Moderate loads are necessary for a person. The more effective they are, the higher the potential that the body is capable of.

            A person is the creator of his own health, for which it is necessary to fight. From an early age, it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, harden up, engage in physical education and sports, observe the rules of personal hygiene, in a word, to achieve genuine harmony of health in reasonable ways.

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