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IVF procedure. Infertility is not a sentence.


People get married in order to become parents, to give life to another person, to give him the opportunity to grow up, live his life and leave offspring. To continue in their children, and then grandchildren and great–grandchildren, and so on indefinitely is the only indisputable law for man, however, as for all other living beings on Earth.

Do not delay your visit to the doctor!

But now the wedding marches have died down, months, years pass, and all pregnancy tests show a negative result. In the event that a married couple fails to conceive a child within a year, the doctor diagnoses the young woman with "primary infertility".

For women over 35, this period is even shorter – about 6 months. Obstetricians and gynecologists consider this age to be critical, since after 35 years there are fewer cells in a woman's body that can fertilize, the hormonal background decreases, which makes it difficult to get pregnant. In addition, the older the woman, the lower the effectiveness of all types of infertility treatment.

Therefore, you should not delay a visit to the doctor, hoping for a miracle. It is better to get examined and start infertility treatment as early as possible. At the same time, the examination of patients is carried out free of charge.

Approximately, in 40 percent of all cases, the cause of infertility turns out to be in a woman, in another 40 percent – in a man. In 20 percent, reproductive health problems are found in both partners. If the treatment did not give results or during the examination of both spouses it turns out that it is impossible to conceive a child in a natural way, then in this case you should not despair – the IVF method allows you to have a child even for such married couples.

The history of the issue.

The term in vitro fertilization (IVF) comes from the words "extra" — outside, outside and "corpus" — body, and literally means "fertilization outside the body", or, as they say, "in vitro". The essence of IVF is that the egg is extracted from the woman's body and fertilized with the biological material of the husband or donor artificially in conditions – "in vitro", that is, "in vitro", or by ICSI, when the sperm is injected directly into the egg using a needle. The fertilized cell is kept in an incubator, where an embryo develops from it for 2-5 days, after which it is transplanted (transplanted) to the expectant mother. Further, pregnancy develops in the same way as with normal conception.

Experiments on artificial insemination of an egg began in the middle of the last century in the USA. And in 1978, the world's first "test tube baby" was born in the UK - a girl, Louise Brown. Now Louise is 40 years old, she is married, raising an 11-year-old son conceived in a natural way.

In the Soviet Union, the first "test tube baby" was also a girl - Elena Dontsova, who was born in February 1986. Now she is the mother of a 9–year-old son conceived in the usual way. Currently, there are already about 6 million people living on the planet who were born with the help of IVF. Children conceived with the help of IVF are born absolutely healthy.

Today, IVF is one of the most effective methods of infertility treatment, as it helps to bypass many barriers that arise during conception in a natural way. IVF can help both women and men who were previously considered infertile. ICSI fertilization is able to give a positive result even with the low quality of a man's biological material.

On average, after the IVF procedure, pregnancy occurs in 35-45 percent of cases. If the first attempt is unsuccessful, the patient has the opportunity to perform IVF procedures repeatedly throughout the year.

In addition, IVF has a lot of other advantages: the possibility of obtaining a large number of embryos, choosing the best embryos to transfer to the uterus, the possibility of freezing extra embryos for a long time for further use.

Where to apply.

Specialists obstetricians and gynecologists of all medical institutions of the Lipetsk region are familiar with the problem of infertility and methods of its treatment. They will conduct a full examination in a timely manner, establish the causes of infertility and give a referral for the IVF procedure. The IVF method is free of charge and is carried out at the expense of compulsory medical insurance for couples with an established diagnosis of infertility throughout the Russian Federation.

Where exactly, in which region, in which clinic to carry out IVF is chosen by the patients themselves. The possibility of free IVF is also available on the territory of our region. Moreover, not only married couples, but also single women have the right to free artificial insemination for medical reasons. In this case, the patient pays only for the donor biological material.

Dispensary observation after artificial insemination is carried out in consultation with the Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center. In the perinatal center, equipped with modern equipment, childbirth also takes place under the supervision of qualified specialists.

Chief Specialist in Reproductive Health

health Department of the Lipetsk region

Olga Vladimirovna Telegina.

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